TPSI., is committed to investment in Research & Technology to bring innovative concepts to market.

Innovators in rapid thermal processing in cooperative efforts with:

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What solutions can we build for you?

Our expertise and knowledge in complex thermal processing allows us to deliver the best solution to your needs. Space or budget constraints? Our laboratory version furnace has all the rapid thermal firing capability of our production version (less throughput), but in a space saving format.

TPSI., Inc. introduced an advanced metallization furnace in response to a body of research suggesting “rapid thermal firing” is essential for low resistance, screen printed contacts with shallow emitters for better “blue” response and improved solar cell efficiency.

Long-term technical service

Remote Support:
How It Works

With your permission, our service/support technicians communicate via internet to your equipment and conduct remote support. Our team provides remote customers with:
• Interactive chat and detailed session history
• Prompts to permit or deny technician access to functions
• Ability to stop remote control or disconnect at any time
• Bullet-proof security (SSL encryption) with multi-level, 
permission-based access
• Auto-revocation of access rights when session is terminated

Training • Quick,
easy remote service

TPSI. designs equipment for easy access and low maintenance to ensure overall reliability and highest customer satisfaction. To prove our point, all electronics are compartmentalized in drawers with safety features so technicians have quick access to diagnose and repair issues. We use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to eliminate problems commonly associated with PC-based controls such as hard drive failures, file corruption, Windows updates and hardware compatibility. Also, we deliver remote hands-on support without costly on-site service visits.


Educating our customers is a high priority to us. At installation, we provide training to process engineers and technicians responsible for the furnace operation and maintenance. We cover furnace settings and controls, system and software operations, atmosphere control, furnace safety and construction.

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