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Innovative Engineering in Furnace Technology

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in furnace technology.

TPSI Furnace

Advanced Materials

The AM series is configured to custom applications requirements. Available for hydrogen, nitrogen or forming gas environments, and capable of reaching up to 1300° C.

Semiconductor Packaging

The SC Series infrared furnaces are designed for a variety of applications that demand specific process requirements.

Optics & Display

The D series is capable of achieving up to 450° C and belt widths up to 125 cm.


TP Solar Inc. provides quality in-line furnaces to the Photovoltaic industry.

the future is HERE

TPSI was founded by furnace experts who pioneered IR furnaces and set the industry standards for the PV industry in the early 1980s.

Now this innovative team of forward thinkers has developed the next generation design, incorporating features and concepts to improve reliability, higher throughput and low maintenance. There are no interface or compatibility issues to worry about. We use the highest quality construction and components in our designs based on many years of experience. We continuously improve our furnaces with the latest technology.

Our advancements mean:

Not just a supplier

We believe in a partnership with our customers, not in just being their supplier. This means no more do-it-yourself solutions. Our constant attention to customer needs means satisfaction can be achieved even in the most meticulous and demanding process requirements.

featured projects


The Table top designs can be customized to your specific requirements.

Temperature up to 1000C and CDA or Nitrogen environment.


Laboratory furnace low production requirement, and is an ideal tool for limited space.

Temperature up to 1000C and CDA or Nitrogen environment.


UV Treatment with inline Doping System. With TPSI UV Chamber, it will make the solar cell’s surface to be hydrophilic.

This process will make the phosphoric acid evenly distributed on the entire surface.


Hydrogen furnaces with no metal belt. 1250 C

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